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Aspring Towards Heaven. Attaining Higher Life. Christ and the Higher Nature. Following the Risen Christ. High Ground for the Affection. Of the Resurrection. Our Risen Life. Present Privileges: Future Glory. Reasons for Seeking the Things Above.

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Seek Those Things that are Above. Seeking Things Above. The Affections Elevated.

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The Christian Risen with Christ. The Christian Temper. The Christian's Higher Life. The Heavenly Aspirations of the Renewed Nature. The Hidden Life. Archbishop Tillotson. The Risen Life. When Will the World Grow Better. Affections Rightly Placed.

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Affections the Wings of the Soul. Attractions of the World. Drawings Toward Heaven. De Witt Talmage, D.

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Earthly and Heavenly Things. Love of the World. From the Hindustani. Not on Things on the Earth. Setting the Affections on Things Above. Spirituality a Safeguard Against Temptation. The Affections to be Habitually Heavenward. Tinling, B. The Antidote to Asceticism and Sensualism. The Death of Melancthon. The Heart Misplaced.

The Heavenly Inheritance Preferred. The Vital Transference. Things Above. Vanity of Earthly Things. Colossians Iii. Death and Life in Christ. Garbett, M. Vinet, D. Life Hid in Christ. The Christian Life Is. The Christian's Life. The Christian's Life Hid with Christ. The Hidden Life -- with Christ in God. The Hidden Life of the Christian.

The Life Hid with Christ in God. The Power of a New Affection. The Seed of an Inner Life. James Hamilton, D. Anticipations of Glory. Christ Our Life. Christ Our Life and Our Hope.

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Christ the Life and Hope of Believers. Christ the Life and Hope of the Church.

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The Believer's Final Manifestation with Christ. The Christian's Winter and Summer. Sins of the Flesh and the Sin of Covetousness.

The Duty of Mortifying the Old Man. Blasphemy, its Nature. Control of Temper. Conversion and the Old Nature. Corruptions Overcome by Grace. Corruptions Overcome Gradually. Covetousness is Idolatry. Dissuasives from Evil. Effects of Disobedience. Filthy Conversation. Gold in the Heart. Mortifying the Flesh.

Purity of Conversation. Slander Cannot be Recalled. Slaying Self. The Believer's View of Past Sin. The Children of Disobedience. The Evil Speaker. The Evils of Bad Temper. The Flesh to be Crucified. The Idolatry of Covetousness. Robinson, D. The Mortification of the Sinful Principle in Man. The Wrath of God. The Wrath of God a Present Thing.

Death to Evil. Dying Before Rising. Mortification After Death. A Warning Against Social Sins. The Ground of These Practical Precepts. Example of Truthfulness. The Duke of Wellington. Falsehood Difficult to Maintain.