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A creeping caterpillar takes wing as a graceful butterfly.

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Flowers open their blooms before your eyes. A twinkling point of light reveals a solar system millions of light-years away. This all-time Moody favorite explores the power and beauty of the universe we live in.

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The same God who gave His life for us on the cross. For more than fifty years, Moody Science Classics have unfolded the miracles of nature's mysteries while showing how the wonders of creation reveal the majesty of God. School-aged children through teens as well as parents and teachers will gain a fresh appreciation for the Creator and the intricate details of His handiwork, as presented in these award-winning programs. A wonderful supplement for teaching scientific principles in an easy-to-understand format and from a biblical perspective.

What customers say about ChristianCinema. Moody Science Classics: God of Creation. The parallels are real, but the conclusion is not a foregone one.

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  4. Author Bio DR. A renowned theologian, Dr. He is an award-winning author and the featured speaker on three radio programs that can be heard on more than radio stations in the United States and around the world.

    Lutzer and his wife, Rebecca, live in the Chicago area and have three grown children and eight grandchildren. How can I know him? How can my sins be forgiven? Can I be sure I'm going to heaven? Sooner or later everybody asks these soul-haunting questions. In this updated edition of his bestseller, Pritchard uses straightforward language and clear Scripture references to gently share the good news of Christ.

    People have honest doubts and questions about God that deserve solid answers. How do we explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way we can all understand? Ray Pritchard has updated this best-selling presentation of the gospel in a clear, straightforward way using simple language and clear Scripture references. An Anchor for the Soul is written with doubters, seekers, and skeptics in mind. In a clear, straightforward presentation, he answers questions such as: What is God like? How can I know Him? Who is Jesus and what did He do?

    What does it mean to be a Christian? Through stories and illustrations, Pastor Pritchard very personally, yet gently, challenges his readers with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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    He is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University B. Ministering extensively overseas, speaking at conferences, and appearing on Christian radio and television talk shows, Dr. Pritchard focuses on evangelism and encouragement to spread the hope of Jesus Christ through all the world. Ray and his wife, Marlene, have three sons. On this latest volume we read: "Luke covers the final days of Jesus' life, including His triumphal entry into Jerusalem and teaching in the Temple.

    It also covers in detail His betrayal, illegal trials, crucifixion, and resurrection. John's respect for the text, love for the Lord, and sympathy with all of us who would follow Christ bring just the right mix of scholarship, reverent reflection, application, and pastoral care. Unparalleled in our times, this project demands attention and deserves a place in every preacher's library. Each new volume should be greeted with enthusiasm and gratitude. Albert Mohler Jr. They contain the records of God's people and reveal God's character and requirements for a relationship with Him.

    Time and again God must deal with disobedience with wrath or love. The Christian cannot miss out on understanding this portion of The Word. Howard Gain a new understanding and appreciation for the incredible events, great prophets, and rich theological themes documented in the Old Testament historical books. Track the tumultuous kingly lines and kingdoms and the establishment of the everlasting Davidic dynasty.

    Discover life in exile and the return of a remnant to Jerusalem. Hassell Bullock Discover some of the most potent literature of human history by taking an in-depth look into the poetic books of the Old Testament. Understand the wisdom and songs of Israel, which contain universal themes that cut across the boundaries of time and geography to include the entire human race.

    Hassell Bullock Refreshed for today's student and reader, the author follows a historical line of study rather than the usual canonical order of the prophetic books of Scripture. It approaches the study of the Old Testament from both the general and the specific point of view. Dealing first with issues over which many scholars debate, Archer offers evidence to support the conservative view of canonicity, historicity, inspiration, textual problems, and higher criticism. The second section dissects each book of the Old Testament individually.

    Archer thoroughly covers such issues as biblical creationism, Noah's ark and the flood, authorship, chronology, alleged language, style, and theme differences. A Survey of Old Testament Introduction is invaluable to students, scholars, and laymen who want to understand the conservative position of Old Testament issues and are not afraid to examine critical views.

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    You can order any of these titles or all of them for a deeper discount. Spurgeon C. Spurgeon writes, "Only God can justify the ungodly, but He can do it to perfection. He casts our sins behind His back; He blots them out. He says that though they be sought for, they shall not be found. Bounds Pastor and civil war chaplain E. Bounds penned his slim classic on prayer for the simple reason that Christians don't pray enough. The line that appears in the opening paragraph of Book 1, "our heart is restless till it rest in thee," is quoted everywhere, though not everyone who quotes it or hears it knows where it came from and may even think it's a biblical saying.

    Ryle J. Ryle's Holiness has imparted a standing challenge to Christians for years. In this new, slimmed-down series of excerpts from Ryle's masterwork, we aim to present his original message to a whole new generation. Holiness, Ryle argued, was not simply a matter of believing and feeling, but of doing.

    Oswald Sanders Author J. Oswald Sanders, a lawyer turned 20th century missionary statesman, follows Jesus from His pre-existence to His earthly life and coming Second Advent. Throughout it all he upholds Jesus as the powerful and perfect Savior of the world, arguing against any who would diminish His uniqueness. Meyer F.

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    Meyer writes, "The grace of purity and self-control, of fervent prayer and understanding in the Scriptures, of love for men and zeal for God, of lowliness and meekness, of gentleness and goodness - all is in Christ; and if Christ is in us, all is ours also. Through his narrative account, Mueller reveals how powerful and spiritually rewarding prayer can be in your life.

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    Stone writes, "Indeed we cannot say all that the mysterious word God means to us until we know more about Him. This insightful little book accurately and clearly works through the many names of God throughout the Old Testament. We can now see God in new lights and angles as we learn of His justice, His unbounded love, His preeminence, and His character - all through His names. This book has sold over , copies. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. Many of these devotional readings come from sermons Tozer preached close to his death in , marking them with a deep concern for spiritual intimacy and true worship.

    He urges you to pursue God, confess sin, pray fervently, and seek the Spirit. Let this book be a garnish in your feast of God's Word. As you welcome the morning light and all the sights and sounds of the new day, let 'Mornings with Tozer' awaken your heart.