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A sparse, dark, brutal novella about a Welsh farmer struggling to make a living from his sheep, and an unnamed man digging up badgers to bait. An intense poem of a novel. Quite wonderful writing.

Do check it out if you can. An absurd, delightful novel about a Polish immigrant in Los Angeles who schemes to reinvent herself in order to gain access to the Twin Palms nightclub. Although frequently challenged for its depiction of gang violence and youth drinking, The Outsiders is in fact a classic morality tale wrapped up in '60s street gang culture. This story of an ageing, down-on-his luck fisherman fighting to reel in the catch of a lifetime won Papa a Pulitzer.

Some love it, some don't. A must-read either way. This multi-award-winning young-adult novel deals with the trauma caused by rape, and the difficulty victims often have in reporting and talking about sexual assault. It changed my life and made me see beyond the safety of my world. Nick Carraway encounters reclusive billionaire Jay Gatsby at a party. Jazz ensues. The aftermath of a gang rape on a young mother is explored in a searing indictment of rape culture and the lack of justice, care, and understanding for victims.

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Finished "Rape, a love story" by Joyce Carol Oates. A punch to the gut.

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When you get your breath back, you realize, you needed that punch. A seasoned English journalist in Vietnam watches as a young American turns good intentions into bad policy and bloodshed in this powerful anti-war allegory. Helena Fitzgerald helfitzgerald Follow finished 'the passion.

The classic fable of a seagull who wants more. Unwilling to conform to the norms of his flock, Jonathan goes in search of a higher purpose to life. A novel in verse, Autobiography of Red gives voice to a minor character in Greek mythology, updating his story to the present day. There are those who love it and those who haven't read it.

Be the former. Her sentences are tattooed on my brain. Rereading The Mezzanine for the 3rd time -- it explains so much about our times. Anyone know how to contact Nicholson Baker? Alexis C. Madrigal alexismadrigal Follow Rereading The Mezzanine for the 3rd time -- it explains so much about our times. A horror novel following the 12th expedition into the uncharted Area X. Any guesses what happened to the previous 11 expeditions? Nope, weirder than that. The story of Sam, a boy who runs away from home to live in the Catskill mountains, where he befriends a peregrine falcon he names Frightful.

Written when Toole was just 16, but not published until after his death. Well worth a read for fans of his A Confederacy of Dunces. An experimental novel that defies literary convention and category, this mix of fiction, critique, memoir, confession, and essay demands to be experienced. Best novel I've read in such a long time. An ageing journalist requests a virgin prostitute for his 90th birthday, but instead of sex, he finds love for the first time.

A darkly comic novella in which the narrator tells her unborn daughter the story of how she came to be. A romantic comedy with the emphasis on comedy, not romance. A woman assigned to deal with the estate of an old flame finds herself in the middle of a secret war between two mail distributors in Pynchon's satirical novel. In s Saigon, a young French girl enters into a passionate affair with the son of a wealthy Chinese family that threatens to tear their families apart.

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The narrator befriends a young New York society girl, Holly Golightly, who relays tales of her dates with wealthy men, and finds himself entranced by her. Ethan Frome struggles to tend to his farm and his wife — then her beautiful cousin comes to stay. In a reverse narrative, the protagonist moves backwards from death towards the story's beginning and his role in one of the most horrific events in recent history.

A witty and searing indictment of the '70s New York literary scene, in which a poet observes her peers at a writer's colony upstate. Emily Freyer emfreyer Follow Excited doesn't begin to cover it. An essay in narrative form, arguing against the treatment of women both as fictional characters and as writers of fiction in a male-dominated literary world.

An alcoholic bartender in Los Angeles observes the lonely, broken, and grotesque characters who populate his bar, among whom he may be the most broken. Brutal yet brilliant and visceral.

I loved it. Ranjit qtfan Follow Patrick deWitt's Ablutions is an astonishing first novel with a second person narrative. Many of the books published today are fiction, meaning that they are in-part or completely untrue. Historically, paper production was considered too expensive to be used for entertainment. An increase in global literacy and print technology led to the increased publication of books for the purpose of entertainment, and allegorical social commentary.

Most fiction is additionally categorized by genre. The novel is the most common form of fiction book. Novels are stories that typically feature a plot , setting , themes and characters. Stories and narrative are not restricted to any topic; a novel can be whimsical, serious or controversial. The novel has had a tremendous impact on entertainment and publishing markets. A short story may be any length up to 10, words, but these word lengths vary.

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Comic books or graphic novels are books in which the story is illustrated. The characters and narrators use speech or thought bubbles to express verbal language. In a library, a reference book is a general type of non-fiction book which provides information as opposed to telling a story, essay, commentary, or otherwise supporting a point of view. An almanac is a very general reference book, usually one-volume, with lists of data and information on many topics. An encyclopedia is a book or set of books designed to have more in-depth articles on many topics.

A book listing words , their etymology , meanings, and other information is called a dictionary. A book which is a collection of maps is an atlas. A more specific reference book with tables or lists of data and information about a certain topic, often intended for professional use, is often called a handbook. Books which try to list references and abstracts in a certain broad area may be called an index , such as Engineering Index , or abstracts such as chemical abstracts and biological abstracts.

Books with technical information on how to do something or how to use some equipment are called instruction manuals. Other popular how-to books include cookbooks and home improvement books.

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Students typically store and carry textbooks and schoolbooks for study purposes. Elementary school pupils often use workbooks , which are published with spaces or blanks to be filled by them for study or homework. In US higher education , it is common for a student to take an exam using a blue book. There is a large set of books that are made only to write private ideas, notes, and accounts. These books are rarely published and are typically destroyed or remain private.

Notebooks are blank papers to be written in by the user. Students and writers commonly use them for taking notes.

Scientists and other researchers use lab notebooks to record their notes. They often feature spiral coil bindings at the edge so that pages may easily be torn out. Books for recording periodic entries by the user, such as daily information about a journey, are called logbooks or simply logs. A similar book for writing the owner's daily private personal events, information, and ideas is called a diary or personal journal.

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Businesses use accounting books such as journals and ledgers to record financial data in a practice called bookkeeping. There are several other types of books which are not commonly found under this system. Albums are books for holding a group of items belonging to a particular theme, such as a set of photographs , card collections, and memorabilia. One common example is stamp albums , which are used by many hobbyists to protect and organize their collections of postage stamps.

Such albums are often made using removable plastic pages held inside in a ringed binder or other similar holder.