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I have always felt that it was my responsibility to make my boss look good. In addition, your personal excellence on the job will be broadcast throughout the industry. What is most important to your career is industrywide acknowledgement of your prowess. People like to gossip. If you excel at your job, it will be a topic of conversation in and, most importantly, outside of the office.

If you are not perceived as adding value to your company and your co-workers, there is little chance that you will have a successful career. Be knowledgeable of your strengths, and use them to promote your usefulness. Not to get too metaphysical, but you must be the success you wish to have.

The technology you use today may, and most likely will, become obsolete tomorrow. You sure as heck don't want to go out with a dead-end job tied to a dead-end technology.

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Your long-term career is contingent upon your ability to use and understand ever-changing technologic trends. This is a far cry from the legacy thinking of the 20th century where nothing changed greatly for decades. Change is now a constant, and must be considered your friend and companion. This is critical thinking to your long-term career strategy. Everybody is stressed and working hard in these changing times, and a permanent positive attitude is of supreme importance.

Your ability to present winning smiles and confidence will spread out of your department like a benign virus. Your optimistic tone will be helpful to everyone you meet from interoffice personnel, to vendors and other professional associates.

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People usually think about networking when they start looking for a new job, but in reality, it is your responsibility to your career to network every day. Networking is the correct path to a base of industry knowledge that is invaluable. You will make important friends, become knowledgeable about what is happening in other companies throughout the industry and, just as important as everything else, you will become visible rather than anonymous.

Purists in a Dark Age

From early in my career, I had a plan and a goal. I wanted to be a director of manufacturing and distribution. Everything I did was with that in mind. I am not sure that I can offer that advice to you today. Not only does the technology change rapidly, but so do the roles of supervisors and management. So it may be harder in the 21st century to plan for a specific job position that may or may not exist 10 or 20 years into your career.

That is a concept worth thinking about. Where can you expect to be a decade from now? When it comes right down to it, there is a single most important piece of advice I can offer you. I believe it is relevant no matter what level or stage you are at in your profession. If you approach your daily paid activities as a long-term career with zeal and attention, your job, or most likely your jobs, will take care of themselves.

Reception of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch

On the first count, Mann succeeds magnificently. William Vogt and particularly Norman Borlaug are brought to splendid, quirky life. His own love of birds got Vogt a job on the Chincha islands off Peru, where he was supposed to advise the company that owned cormorants on how to get them to increase production of the valuable fertilizer guano.

This notion of balance, of limits that should not be pushed, would undergird the increasingly shrill alarms Vogt issued in his books and articles, and from various insecure perches in the global conservation hierarchy, where his disdain for economic growth cost him one post after another. The new varieties made full use of fertilizers and other inputs — harvests soared first in South America and then, crucially, in India.

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The story of getting the seed to the subcontinent, amid wars between India, China and Pakistan, is a fine Cold War saga. Those in Judah who remained loyal to God alone during these Judean Dark Ages — those, for example, who would have treasured the messages of the prophets we have just studied including Isaiah ben Amoz — must have been greatly perplexed by this turn of events. We must imagine that many of the prophets of the next decades and centuries were also engaged with questions of this nature, in one way or another.

These are Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Obadiah. We know virtually nothing about them as individuals except their names and where they lived. All appear to have been prophets of Jerusalem, sharing in the general theological outlook of that city. In the following comments I will focus primarily on their messages as these relate to their historical circumstances and to the legacy of hopes and prophecies of their eighth century prophetic predecessors.

Audiobook, Judgment Day, Chapter 1, The Survivalist Series Book 3

According to 2 Chronicles , Josiah began purging Jerusalem of its alien deities in his twelfth regnal year. In fact, his conviction is that yet another purging judgment will be necessary before this can happen. In Zephaniah the aspirations of the Yahweh loyalists in Jerusalem during the waning years of the Assyrian Dark Ages found a voice. Despite the apostasy that surrounded them, and the doubts they themselves might have had about Assyrian control and influence in their region, they were still confident that Yahweh was God and the words of his prophets were true.

However, fresh insight was needed regarding what would follow that demise. Yet additional terrors would have to befall his city, Zephaniah came to believe, before that new age of righteousness Isaiah had also spoken of would actually dawn. Another who represented the Yahweh-believing circles of Jerusalem during the fading away of the Assyrian Dark Ages was the prophet Nahum.