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There are many occupations that are extrodinarily dangerous. We all know life is a crap shot anyways. Look, everyone has their own version of what makes you successful. It isn't always financial wealth either.

Former firefighter, girlfriend accused of embezzling $40,000 from firefighters union

But one thing is for sure, and that is that you will never, ever consider yourself successful, or even content while working a job you hate to get up for every single day you go to work. If you have any intent on building a future with her, you both need to realize that your employment makes perhaps the biggest impact on your ability to live and grow happy together. Your going to spend a huge part of your life at work, and then you'll be spending all that energy on winding down from your job that you hate, and then dreading going to work all during your free time, which should be spent together in a positive way.

Firefighters get hurt. So does just about everyone else. If it isn't from work, it's from recreation, or a hobby, or an accident. The best way to prevent firefighter injuries are constant training, good supervision Officers , and the commitment to maintain your health and physical conditioning to the very best level possible. That means not smoking does she? Your not the first in the position, not by a long shot. But you will never, ever be fulfilled if you don't go for it.

'He's literally my hero.' Girlfriend of Fort McMurray firefighter back home in Mississauga

You don't want to spend your life wishing what you could have done. They will tell you this is the best job in the world. It's no fairy tale. Not by a long shot. You'll grow to love it. You'll probabaly always love the actual job, but the politics side of the job suck. It's not all about a happy group sitting around the station during meals, and answering calls in which the public warmly embraces your best efforts.

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Especially these days. Now, politicians don't want their pictures taken with us anymore. Now about all we represent to many people is a group of overpaid public workers with too generous benifits, and a tax burden on the communities. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that'swhat they aint gonna tell ya. Go for it. Talk to her, tell her you appreciate her concern, but your going for it. If your her man, she's not going any place. Being a career firefighter is the best damn job in the world.

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What's best your happiness or hers? Nothing better than waking up miserable, women love men who are miserable. She sounds really insecure yet very demanding. Time for a serious sit down to tell her exactly how feel and why, if she can't handle.

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Maybe it's time to move on. They call it a leap of faith, not because it is easy, but because it isn't.

Best of luck with whatever choice you make. If she loves you, she'll support you in whatever you decide to do.


God knows my wonderful wife has proven that more than once. She may not like it, but she will support you. Not much more that you can say than that. FireRescue Magazine.

Firefighter responds to fake blaze in home, surprises GF with proposal | Inquirer Lifestyle

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Guests watched in awe as models got dressed on the runway, with their frocks hovering above them. As models bounced their way across…. The code of conduct prohibits drinking for the duration of the training, except on weekends.

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Cal Fire agreed to reduce the punishment to an eight-month suspension for eight of the firefighters, the department said. Two of them will receive a one-year suspension. Two more cadets are still fighting their punishment and are expected to appear before the State Personnel Board next month. The five others resigned or did not contest their dismissals. Since a scandal in which an instructor murdered his girlfriend, Cal Fire has tried to change a persistent partying culture that took root at its academy in Amador County.

The killing led to a California Highway Patrol investigation that revealed regular alcohol consumption after hours and alleged cheating by cadets on exams. Firefighters are advised before they begin the academy that they are not to drink during their assignment there, except when they leave for weekend breaks.