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We introduced Stepping Stones as a foundation who helps to provide assistance and treatments to patient s, from the intake till receiving the tools they need. For example the braces of Miraclefeet.

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Not only that, we also received a shoe donation from Miraclefeet for our patients at the Stepping Stones Bali Foundation. We are very proud and thankful to Miraclefeet for all the experience and braces they have given.

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Which had previously been explained and practiced by mHealth Specialists from Miraclefeet. The assignment was that it was up to us to give a presentation about this app to all other countries. Our teachers and children will spend as much time as possible incorporating our structured activities outdoors when the weather permits us to. Children will be able to take a nature walk and have lunch on our picnic tables and just get some exercise and fresh air.

Our center sits on 2 acres of wooded and grassed area making it a perfect place to appreciate nature.

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Each child at our center is respected, valued and recognized as a unique individual with a large capacity for growth. We engourage both group and individual activities, which allows children to develop at his or her own rate. The environment at Stepping Stones allows your child the freedom to be one's self and develop as a unique individual. Our teachers and staff understand and are compassionate to a child's differences or special abilities as well as family's culture and values.

Stepping Stones Childcare provides quality childcare and Pre-K programs in a comfortable, safe and loving environment that is geared towards children that creates a great experience for your children.

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Our program reflects the beliefs that learning takes place primarily through exploratory activities, discovery and dramatic play. Our program encourages children to learn through playful and meaningful interactions with materials and people. The amount of guidance from teachers and staff will vary with each activity.

Full-Day Preschool Program $125/week

Our belief at Stepping Stones is that a good program offers both directed and non directed experiences, encouraging your child to plan and think about his or her own actions and to develop at his or her own rate. We believe in giving children choices as often as possible and letting a child choose what here she is comfortable participating in at that time period our goal is help children gain confidence about themselves and help them achieve.

He is more positive towards his work and strives for excellence. The teachers provide tutoring and have worked closely with John through his struggles in reading, writing, and math. Thank you, Stepping Stone!


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Are you searching for a quality, caring child care center for your child? Book a tour with our Brick or Jackson center today! Welcome To Stepping Stone. Book Your Enrollment Tour.

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