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Basically want to keep what you've already created, but just pre-query the database for the stats once a week, and then read those numbers from that stored. Also want to keep several dates of statistics rather than just the most recent ones.

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Feel free to change what doesn't make sense, or to ask me questions if anything isn't clear. High-level Requirements How often is a snapshot taken?

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I was part of a group from Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren that traveled to the border. I would like to share four stories from that trip. Elisa is a U.

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We accompanied her across the border into Mexico. She crosses several times each week and takes with her a large duffel bag filled with supplies that the migrants who are waiting to enter the U. She stopped to offer support and hope to those who were waiting. And she was also on the lookout for changes in the policies aimed at keeping the waiting migrants out of sight. She got started when Immigration Control and Enforcement dropped off a lone woman at the bus station late one night, when it is not safe to be there.

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The bus station manager called Elisa to help because she lived close by. Elisa helped find lodging for the woman that night.

And seeing a need, she got her friends to help and they got their friends to help. That group became the Angry Tias and Abuelas.


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I was serving water at the Migrant Respite Center. Your comment [required]:. Name [required]:. Email address [required]: Your email will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Accessibility links Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to search Help. I live in Princeton, NJ, in the US at the moment, so the main preparation has been organising the travel - and hoping that we don't get another blizzard at Newark airport.

Can you tell us a little bit mor e about the extract from your opera Don't Breathe a Word?

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The extract from my Don't Breathe a Word comes from a section that was completed a few weeks ago. It's close to the end of the first act. I've not heard this material before, nor has Fraser, the writer, who doesn't know yet what I've done with his words there may be some surprises. The singers are also new to the project.

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The main role is a complicated figure: a very english kind of hero, so I'm curious to see a different personification and whether that affects our conception of the role. It's hard to stress enough how vital the development workshop was last March.

This has been a long complicated - one might even say operatic - venture. The serious and committed input from performers and staff at ROH2, gave us a wealth of information and experience. It took many months to assimilate, and then to re-write the opening of Part One. Most of all, we felt tremendously encouraged.