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Michael J. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. As I was about to read the opening verses, and then see what my chosen author had to say about them, a strange thought entered my consciousness. Surely God would be delighted for me to be studying any part of his Word, at any time?

Sturgeon’s Revelation Revisited

But the thought persisted, and so I closed my eyes and dutifully asked the question. There was nobody in the room with me, at least nobody I could see, but I am sure I heard a voice. A strong voice of absolute authority reverberated in my mind and seemed to fill the space of the room in which I sat. I snapped the book shut, and, in one swift action, swept it, together with my notepad and pen, into my desk drawer. Then I sat there trembling and trying to make sense of the experience.

I studied most of the other books of the Bible with great joy and a sense of divine approval, and I also completed a two-year programme of training as a preacher.

Revelation Revisited 17 - Sermon Videos

John supposedly did his writing in a cave-like structure on the Island of Patmos, in present-day Greece, where he had been banned because of his faith. Together with other prisoners he had to do hard labor in the mines. The word revelation itself is considered an unveiling , when, according to historical belief, God himself makes relevant truths known to men. This unveiling is perceived as two kinds — general and specific.

Revelation Revisited Part2

General revelation is deemed available to all humanity and is communicated through nature, conscience and the progression of history. Specific revelation is given to particular people at a select time in history.

Could this not portend profound revelations as stated in the book Zhuan Falun? John wrote these prophecies eons ago, for a specific audience, in a specific place, and they are now considered classical literature rather than a valid prophesy for this present day and age. Master Li had reminded us already that historical forecasts of disasters that were to befall us, as told in the old prophecies, are no longer valid.

Nevertheless, John at that epic time was believed to be a brother and helper to those who had been persecuted for their faith.