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Casks, unloaded from boats, wait on the quayside: Burgundy and Rhine wine for tables of the Herengracht. Streets behind the Plaetse are quiet at this hour, the women resting, their business done as mine begins. Often the curator and his wife take the air, his arm around her comely waist.

Coffee and Bob Kaufman, Poet of the People

Today they stopped to untangle a quince and she plucked him a head of honeysuckle. Balms and balsams deck the hedgerows, but none that can soothe these hours. Richie Brown.

Our Nine Favorite New Coffee Shops

Jenn Webley. Chas Stramash Goodreads Author. Poetry , Humor and Comedy.

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‘Coffee Shop’ – Serge Gabriel

Chas Stramash Goodreads Author Author ,. Kamila Ratajczak Illustrator.

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Home Poems From a Coffee Shop Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. There are also various kinds of American-style cakes including pecan nut pie and apple pie. The slices are much bigger than the Japanese standard size. You will find a photo of Cid and his famous Japanese poet friend, Shinpei Kusano there.

Many famous writers visited there, including Kenneth Rexroth and Edith Shiffert.

Nice to meet you.

In more recent times Taylor Mignon and Gregory Dunne too. This link tells of his manner of translation. Sept 28, lunch with Stephen Mansfield.

Nov 8: Heritage and Tourism. WiK Competition Japan Writers Conference Oct March 31 deadline WiK 4th Competition. Dec 9 bonenkai. WiK Anthology 3 in paperback:.