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Doing so may involve cognitive behavioral therapy , anti-anxiety medication, or a combination of the two. A study in the International Neurourology Journal found that out of the people surveyed, around 23 percent of women and 29 percent of men experienced nocturia. Causes of nocturia include drinking too much fluid before bedtime, urinary tract infections , and an overactive bladder, per the Cleveland Clinic.

Untreated type 1 or type 2 diabetes may also be a factor; having too much sugar in your bloodstream forces your body to extract fluid from your tissues, making you thirsty and possibly prompting you to drink and pee more, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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This is because alcohol can play around with your sleep stages in various ways. For instance, it seems as though alcohol is associated with more stage 1 sleep than usual in the second half of the night. Everyone metabolizes alcohol differently depending on factors like genetics, diet, and body size. However, Alexea Gaffney Adams, M. Since drinking often happens at night, we realize that can be an optimistic time cushion. Based on your personal factors and how much you drank, you might not need that much. Also, Dr. Double whammy, that one. If you find yourself jolting awake and feeling like you need to catch your breath, sleep apnea might be the culprit.

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, the muscles in your throat relax too much, which narrows your airway, causing your oxygen levels to drop, the Mayo Clinic explains.

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Complex sleep apnea features characteristics of both conditions. To diagnose sleep apnea, your doctor may have you do an overnight sleep study that monitors your breathing, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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The most common treatment for sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure CPAP machine, which is basically a mask you wear during sleep to help keep your airways open, but your doctor can help you explore the alternatives if necessary. Common symptoms of an overactive thyroid include trouble sleeping, an increased heart rate, sweating including at night , anxiety, tremors, and more.

Your primary care physician or an endocrinologist a doctor specializing in hormones can test your blood to evaluate your hormone levels.

Night Waking

Aouad says. One potential reason behind this is acid reflux , which is when your stomach acid moves up into your throat and causes painful nighttime heartburn. Pay based on use. Group Subscription. All the benefits of Premium Digital plus: Convenient access for groups of users Integration with third party platforms and CRM systems Usage based pricing and volume discounts for multiple users Subscription management tools and usage reporting SAML-based single sign on SSO Dedicated account and customer success teams.

Learn more and compare subscriptions. Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. The story interweaves the history of crofters on the island I enjoyed this work, while feeling slightly guilty that my own child, like those in the story, probably hears me say 'wait a minute, I'm reading..

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This book discussed pretty much all my fears concerning motherhood and how having children changes your life. A fascinating read, and absolutely well written. Sarah Moss is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary authors. Jun 28, Blair marked it as attempted.

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No thanks. Jul 25, Varsha Ravi between. In Night Waking, we follow a family of 4, off on a remote fictitious Scottish island of Coslay for a summer, as the father, Giles, is working on studying the puffin population in the island. At the centre of this story is Anna Bennet, the mother of two small children, Raphael, a precocious 7 y 4. At the centre of this story is Anna Bennet, the mother of two small children, Raphael, a precocious 7 year old prodigy with a penchant for bridges and science and a naughty, ever amusing, toddler, Timothy, referred to as Moth.

The way she gives voice to these children was one of my favourite parts.

Comic, utterly original and so incredibly realistic. Anna struggles to balance her career as a historian, an academic, working on a book, while ceding constant attention to her two young children. The discovery of a baby skeleton buried in the garden adds on to the intrigue as Anna obsesses over uncovering the identity of this baby that was buried there. Aug 18, Liisa rated it really liked it Shelves: , literary-fiction , my-read-books.

Sarah Moss is definitely one the best writers of family life Ive ever encountered - she can master everything from a toddlers dialog to the complicated roots of a dysfunctional marriage. The Tidal Zone, her latest novel, I absolutely loved earlier this year, but her debut left something to be desired. I cant quite articulate what, just that the plot fell a bit flat somewhere along the way.

Potentially my favourite book of the year definitely top 5. Extremely relatable in this season of my life as well. I don't have words to gush about this enough, so I won't. And my only criticism is that I don't know how one thread of this story wrapped up too afraid to try to put it in a spoiler click because I'm not sure it will work on my phone but it isn't enough for me to have this book lose any stars.

Also, Moth being a nickname for Timothy is perfect and wonderful. Potentially, I will Potentially my favourite book of the year definitely top 5. Potentially, I will write an actual review of this later. But maybe not. Jun 12, Anna rated it really liked it. Not a proper review but I really liked that they were calling Timothy Moth. He never slept at night so I thought it was pretty clever. Other than that, it was probably not a very wise choice to read a book about an exhausted woman while I've been very tired myself but it was a very good read.

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Flawed but it made me feel a lot and every time I was putting it down, it was because I had to, not wanted to. View all 3 comments. Oct 15, Resh The Book Satchel rated it liked it. It was wonderfully written with excellent language and character sketches.

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  8. What struck me was how similar both the books are. The kids in NW talk like the kids in Tidal Zone; big words and big ideas. Maybe because I read this immediately after The Tidal Zone , I could not help comparing the similarities. Some highlights of Night Waking are: - struggle between home and work life balance especially for a woman -insensitive nature of partners men , both intentional and unintentional in nature. Moss brilliantly shows how the parenting responsibilities are unbalanced.

    And how sometimes kids might confide in others whom they find more suitable The book is a celebration of emotions, human relationships and thoughts that haunt us in our loneliest times. The pacing was a bit slow for my taste which made it seem a little dull. However, if you have to choose one of the two, I would ask you to go for The Tidal Zone. Rating : 3. Anna is a Research Fellow at one of the Oxford colleges, and she and her husband have gone to their house on Colsay, one of the Hebridean islands, for the summer.

    She is meant to be finishing her book on childhood and institutions in 18th century Britain while Giles studies the puffin population and why it has dropped dramatically in recent years. With them are their two children, who are fairly demanding — as children are, but their oldest perhaps even more so — and tend to wake in the night. G Anna is a Research Fellow at one of the Oxford colleges, and she and her husband have gone to their house on Colsay, one of the Hebridean islands, for the summer.

    Giles leaves them and all other household tasks to Anna, who is fed up with the role of motherhood. While seemingly simple, this book is actually jam packed with important issues. Moss juggles themes of motherhood vs. And she does it so well — what is really a fairly slow novel with not much plot pulls you right in and becomes almost a bit of a mystery in places. This, I think, is not because she does descriptions so well; extensive descriptions of details usually make it harder for me to picture it. But because she does reality so well.

    To know the story of the character May Moberley, who is the author of the letters from the late s that are woven into the story, makes you even more eager to know what happened to her on Colsay. Something about the description of this book, I found so intriguing that I was willing to purchase a hard copy of it, which I began reading a short time after I purchased it in May I just finished it yesterday, so obviously I was not enthralled with it. Since one of my resolutions this year was to read more of my DTB, I decided to push through and finish this one.

    Anna Bennet and her husband Giles live on a remote Hebridean island with their two sons Raphael and Moth, who is a toddler.