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Moore wraps himself in the flag of moral sanctity to excuse himself. He is bringing enlightenment and culture to the rubes; honesty consists of glorifying sick perversions with all the wit and craft his art can bring to bear. What a smug jackass. To think, I used to admire this man. Somewhere, bound in ice in the lowest circle of hell, the devil pauses in his gnawing on traitors, his tears of ice are checked, and he smiles a grim, lingering smile, and orders his lesser angels to prepare a place for someone who betrays his muse.

The fine fellows at Meme Therapy have posted a discussion about which Science Fiction starship one should own? The general consensus there is the TARDIS, as this vehicle travels both in time and space, is user friendly, and grants the Gift of the Time Lords, allowing one to speak all languages. However, this assumes that vehicle is ment to be used for sight-seeing or other Lawful Good purposes.

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The Lensman core was specifically designed in response to this real purpose: the real purpose of starships is to commit outrages on distant worlds and be away faster than the speed of light before the crime is detected. Being a pirate is passing brave, to be sure, but being a Space Pirate is the ne plus ultra of human ambition. It is like being a pirate, but with rayguns. Let us agree, without further discussion, that the Death Star is the best SF star-vehicle for piracy.

Hapless redcoats will run every which way while TIE-fighters manned by scurvy Tortuga mongrels fly low over burning buildings, taking pot-shots at the panicked crowds. But what act of piracy to commit? Looting treasure?

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Nawr, maties. That is not big enough.

Herbert, T. Walter (Thomas Walter) 1938-

You want to kidnap a Space Princess and hale her back to your hidden lair on Skull Asteroid for a quick Pirate Wedding. And not just any old Space Princess! We want a thionite-sniffers dream, a seven sector callout! Many pictures of Space Princesses below the cut. Click here to see the cover. In the spirit of filling up the World Wide Web with useless and amusing clutter, here is my response to a chain letter I got from SfSignal. One book that changed your life? I was trapped in a dead-end job as a newspaperman, harassed by the IRS, dishonorably seeking the protection of the Bankruptcy Court, and reading this book gave me the spleen and backbone I needed to go get a job as a newspaper editor at another paper.

I moved my family to a new state. One book you have read more than once? The question is unfair: In my youth, I never bought a book unless I expected to reread it at least three times. Every book in my collection I have read and reread.

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  8. When I was younger, and I had more reading time, and joy and pleasure lay waiting behind each sunrise, brighter in those days than in these Novenmberish years of rain, I would reread this treasure at least once a year. One book you would want on a desert island? The first to let me survive on the island, the second to let me pray for rescue. He has all the disadvantages of fame but none of the perquisites.

    Think of Clark Kent and Jommy Cross. Part of the appeal is that the book is wholesome and good-natured.

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    School chums have to outwit or endure school bullies and mean teachers, but also fight the Dark Lord, in whose existance hapless grown-ups do not believe. It is also full of whimsy. You have little wizards and witches flying on broomsticks playing soccer. The kids crack jokes.

    Things are funny.

    Moby Dick, or The Whale A BBC Radio Classic Drama

    It is also serious: people die, evil folks do real evil things, and not everything is going to be set right by the end. The characters are appealing, and one need only look over the great cesspool of Modernism to see how appealing being appealing can be, and how rare. The fame, however, I think mostly due to the accessability of the world and its characters. Anyone can pick up and read this book.

    You do not have to be a fan of fantasy, you do not have to be a fan of schoolboy adventure stories.

    Let me dwell on this point for a moment. Most Fantasy has a set of assumptions, a protocol if you will that the readers and the author all take for granted. Those who are outside our genre, the muggles, do not understand and have no taste for our protocols.

    1. The London Underworld in the Victorian Period: Authentic First-Person Accounts by Beggars, Thieves and Prostitutes: v. 1.
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    5. We simply understand why throwing a magic ring into a volcano can destroy the fallen angel who rules The Dark Land. Most mainstream readers do not or can not: to them it looks arbitrary, or childish, or allegorical. Harry is not inside our protocols, however. It is a mainstream book, not a book meant only for us. Harry Potter does not take place in Middle Earth, or Earthsea, or Poictisme, or Pern, which are secret countries of Faerie where few mortals go. It takes place in Halloween-land, a place no more mysterious or faraway than Disneyland. What a work!

      This monstrous book, this whale of a book no other phrase will do deserves its fame. I read somewhere that Melville confessed the book was a wicked work, and for a time, I could not puzzle out his meaning. By now, I see it. Melville, with the wild, almost drunken humor of a poet, a mad poet, fixed his heart on the purpose of writing a modern pagan epic, to capture the stern grandeur of ancient Jewish tales, the majesty and sorrow of Achilles and Agamemnon.

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