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These two activities are designed to accompany the Oxford Latin Course chapters 16 and 19; However, they can easily be adapted for elementary Latin students using other textbooks.

This activity can be done by students with no Latin or those just beginning Latin. At the end of the tour is a the Latin poem with hyperlinked vocabulary and commentary, suitable for Latin students at the intermediate level and above. This new game pits Ovidians senators who want Ovid recalled from exile against Anti-Ovidians senators who want to make sure Ovid stays in Tomis.

The two groups follow Tristia Tresunus around Rome, reading the poem and finding other evidence scrolls that they can use to bolster their respective cases when they present their arguments to Augustus in his tribunal in the Palatine Library.

The Aeneid, prose translation (FULL Audiobook)

This activity connects text interpretation with the exploration of associated ancient sites through an assignment that links the Online Companion to the Worlds of Roman Women with VRoma. This activity compares textual and visual representations of Livia through an assignment that links the Online Companion to the Worlds of Roman Women with VRoma. Teacher's Guide to using Vergil's Thesaurus , a room created for online discussions of the Aeneid , with particular reference to the Advanced Placement Vergil syllabus, created by Barbara McManus.

Written to be completed by a group of students working in a lab. Virgil, as a friend of Augustus, wanted his readers to see that Augustus was right to reject alliances with women, and his enemy Mark Anthony was wrong to ally himself with the foreign woman Cleopatra , in Egypt.

The Aeneid Fun Activities

So Dido is like a metaphor for Cleopatra here. Virgil was not happy with the Aeneid.

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It was not published while he was alive, and when he died in 19 BC he left instructions that it should be destroyed. But his heirs ignored his instructions and published it anyway. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check the resources here. Includes character maps, essential questions, plot diagram, key symbols, themes, and motifs, a depiction of the hero's journey archetype as it related to Perseus, and more.

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No translator information provided. Ballad of Bellerophon This printable handout tells the story of Bellerophon in a light-hearted way.

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It asks students to analyze the way in which this retelling serves as a parody of the original story. Cupid and Psyche This audio file of the story runs about 29 minutes. Encyclopedia Mythica Brief articles about figures from many mythologies.

The Book of the Ancient Romans & The Aeneid Lesson Plans {Review}

Don't miss the image gallery and the genealogy tables. Everyday Heroes Following a unit on Greek mythology and mythological heroes, students design and maintain a website that features everyday heroes.

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Students submit candidates based on their everyday encounters with people in the community. This lesson is designed for 8th grade. Greek Mythology An outstanding site -- visually appealing, easy to navigate, lots of information.

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Be sure to check out the teaching tips. Hercules the Hero: Understanding the Myth This site discusses the inaccuracies of the Disney video and summarizes the 12 Labors. Scroll down for pronunciation guides, lesson plans, and bibliographies of additional resources.