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Michael Connelly's official website. Having authored over 21 fiction books, including his latest 9 Dragons, Micheal is in elite status. One of his most famous books was "Blood Work" which became a major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Daniels. Like most very successful authors in this genre, Micheal has created a legendary character in Harry Bosch.

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Below you can click on any book image for more details and also view our exclusive interview with Michael Connelly. From the streets of L. Harry Bosch is assigned a homicide call in South L. Joined by members of the department's Asian Crime Unit, Bosch relentlessly investigates the killing and soon identifies a suspect, a Los Angeles member of a Hong Kong triad.

But before Harry can close in, he gets the word that his young daughter Maddie, who lives in Hong Kong with her mother, is missing.

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Bosch drops everything to journey across the Pacific to find his daughter. Could her disappearance and the case be connected? With the stakes of the investigation so high and so personal, Bosch is up against the clock in a new city, where nothing is at it seems. Here is an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Micheal Connelly. To read the entire interview check out the November edition of the magazine, available on www.

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A meeting was set up between the two at the Los Angeles Airport. The book was a success and earned Connelly comparisons to author Thomas Harris by reviewers. Blood Work was made into a film in , directed by Clint Eastwood , who also played McCaleb, [4] an agent with a transplanted heart, in pursuit of his donor's murderer. The book came together after one of Connelly's friends had a heart transplant, and he saw what his friend was going through with survivor's guilt after the surgery.

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The first, City of Bones , was the eighth Bosch novel, and the other, Chasing the Dime , was a non-series novel. His novels still took place in Los Angeles.

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In , another Bosch novel, Lost Light , was published. While writing he listens exclusively to instrumental jazz, though, because it does not have intrusive vocals, and because the improvisational playing inspires his writing.

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The Closers , published in May , was the 11th Bosch novel. The book was made into a film in , starring Matthew McConaughey as Haller. After releasing Crime Beat , a non-fiction book about Connelly's experiences as a crime reporter, Connelly went back to Bosch with Echo Park After some editing, it was published as a novel in The Haller novel The Fifth Witness was published in The next Bosch novel was The Black Box Connelly's subsequent novel, a legal thriller, was a return to Haller: The Gods of Guilt When starting a book, the story is not always clear, but Connelly has a hunch where it is going.

Even events that might not be considered as world-changing are included in some of the books, because they are of personal interest to Connelly.

For example, in City of Bones , Detective Bosch investigates the murder of an year-old boy. This was written during Connelly's early years as a father of a daughter, and it hit close to home. According to Connelly, he didn't mean to write about the biggest fear of his life; it just came out that way. Detective Bosch's life usually changes in harmony with Connelly's own life. When Connelly moved 3, miles across the country from Florida , Bosch had some life-changing experiences that sent him in a new direction in the book written at that time, City of Bones.

According to Connelly, his "real" job is to write about Bosch, [26] and his purpose in bringing McCaleb and Bosch together in A Darkness More Than Night was to use McCaleb as a tool to look at Bosch from another perspective and keep the character interesting.

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Every character in the list below, with one exception, has appeared in a Harry Bosch book. All of Michael Connelly's novels occur in the same fictional universe and character crossovers are common. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Michael Connelly, see Michael Connelly disambiguation. Linda McCaleb m. Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original on March 14, Notable Biographies.

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Retrieved September 13, Tampa Bay Times. Retrieved 20 August Novels by Michael Connelly. The Poet The Scarecrow Recipients of the Bancarella Prize.