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Photographer unknown. Have you experienced such whole-body prayer, giving voice from the roots of your being? What were the circumstances in which the bottom dropped out of your soul? The writings in Christian Mystics represent a wide-ranging sampling of these readings for modern-day seekers of all faiths — or no faith.

Why Sing the Psalms?

Through comparing the Eastern tradition of the 7 chakras to the Western tradition of the 7 capital sins, Fox allows us to think creatively about our capacity for personal and institutional evil and what we can do about them. Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox is made possible through the generosity of donors. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Not being Catholic or a monk, I never thought of chanting the Psalms. Monks, be they Catholic or Buddhist, have practices that draw one closer to God.

Practices, rituals, appear few for Protestants. So this idea appeals to me; and it, along with Meister Eckhart and the Hopi practice of welcoming the sun, inspired my poem this morning. I intentionally used only lower-case letters to reflect our oneness. Michele, Thank you for sharing your light filled inter-spiritual poem. I love the image of singing in a golden circle. I hope you share this often and mention what inspired you. One place to start would be the Creation Spirituality Communities newsletter at newsletter cscommunities.

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Chanting the Psalms. Used with permission. Photo by Tempo de Florescer , Flickr.

Hymns - Inspired from the Book of Psalms

Learn More. Responses are welcomed. To add your comment, please scroll to the bottom of the page. Today it is published by Reformation Heritage Books. The Christian Reformed Church publishes two versions of its Psalter Hymnal , , both of which are based on the version. For those who love the Genevan Psalter, a large selection of psalms set to their proper Genevan tunes are included in all these books. With all these resources available to us, it is good to consider the basic questions addressed in this and future articles: Should we sing psalms today?

Why should we sing them?

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Perhaps the real question is why did English-speaking Christians ever give up singing psalms? But it is always better to look at things in a positive light, so we shall proceed to answer the question as stated in a number of ways. This is especially true of public worship, for there we must offer to God what pleases Him.

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Out of reverence for His holiness Lev. Let me present three reasons from the Bible why we should sing psalms. Where did the book of Psalms come from? Ultimately, the Psalms were inspired by the Holy Spirit cf. He composed many psalms himself about half the Psalter , and he organized the Levites under the leadership of Asaph to sing these psalms and play musical instruments for the service of the temple that Solomon would build. He even proposed a selection of his psalms for a special service of thanksgiving to inaugurate their use 1 Chron. So began the composition and collection of what we call the book of Psalms.

A metrical psalter is a singable translation of the book of Psalms. God intended Israel to sing psalms, especially in public worship. It is true that psalms may also serve as prayers, and they are rich sources of doctrine and practical instruction.

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But the Hebrew words for sing and song appear more than times throughout the Psalms. Citing the prophecies contained in Psalms and in Isaiah Rom. Why should we sing psalms? The first reason is because God gave them to His entire church, Jew and Gentile alike, under both the old covenant and the new.

James likewise commanded his readers to sing psalms This leads us to consider the next reason for singing psalms. Of the many times that the New Testament quotes the Old Testament, over 40 percent of those quotations come from the Psalms— direct quotations. What does the Old Testament teach us about Christ?

As Luther wrote in his preface to the Psalms in The Psalms are full of Christ. Mark Furthermore, as David Murray says, it is not just the plainly messianic psalms that point us to Christ.

Seedbed Psalter – A resource for Singing the Psalms

In the Psalms we sing to Christ whenever we praise God as our rock, our shield, our king, and our Redeemer. The Psalms teach us to sing with Christ, for in His human nature the Lord Jesus was a faithful Israelite who grew up with the Psalms—a point to which I will return in a moment. And they lead us to sing of Christ. God sovereignly shaped the life of David so that in many of his experiences he was a type or pattern of Christ. Luke The Psalms reveal Christ in the whole of His person, natures, offices, states, and glory.

Therefore, it is suitable for Christians to sing them, for they express our faith, hope, and love in the Lord Jesus.

Compare Translations for Tehillim 138:1

At this point, however, someone might object that while Christians should study the Psalms, there is no reason or warrant for us to sing them. Answering this objection leads to the next reason to sing psalms. The Lord Jesus Christ is our great example of a true man of God. The tradition at Passover was to sing the Hallel, consisting of Psalms through It would be very strange for Paul to use this language if he intended no reference to the Psalms.