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At this point, word had spread throughout Greece that Jason was looking for the greatest Greek heroes to go with him on an expedition for the Golden Fleece.

Heracles took a break from his labors to join the crew. However, he did not make the entire journey to Colchis [ map ] if he had would there be any use for Jason?

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Unable to find Hylas, Heracles returned to Tiryns for his next labor. The next task Eurystheus had for Heracles was to clean the Augeian stables in one day. Heracles came to Augeias and told him that he could clean out the stables in one day if he paid the right sum, one tenth of his cattle. Augeias agreed and Heracles set to work. He diverted the courses of two rivers so they flowed right through the stables and washed away the years of filth.

Augeias had not believed Heracles could perform the task, so he refused to pay the outrageous sum. Heracles was livid, but at this point there was nothing he could do, so he went back to Tiryns. Next Heracles was sent to clear away the Stymphalian birds. Lake Stymphalus was overrun by a flock of man-eating birds. Heracles decided that a loud noise would be just the thing, so he crashed a few shields together to scare the birds into taking flight. As the birds few into the air, he picked them off one by one with his arrows.

Now Heracles was sent to capture the Cretan bull. This bull was the father of the Minotaur [see Minotaur ] and Heracles trapped it and brought it back to Tiryns alive. Eurystheus did not want it, so Heracles let the bull go. The bull wandered up to the area around Athens [see Athenae on map ] and Theseus later killed him as one of his heroic feats [see Theseus ]. The eighth labor was to retrieve the mares of Diomedes. Diomedes was a Thracian [ map ] king and he had man-eating mares. Heracles, with the help of his lover Abderus, stole the mares from their stable and herded them down to the sea-shore.

When Heracles came back, however, he found that the mares had eaten most of Abderus.

Labors of Hercules: Second, to Thin the Lernaean Hydra

He then gathered the mares into his ship and took them back to Eurystheus. Again, Eurystheus did not want the terrible creatures in his city, so Heracles let the mares loose.

They were eventually eaten by wild animals as they wandered on Mount Olympus [see Olympus Mons on map ]. For his next labor, Heracles had to retrieve the belt of the Amazon queen, Hippolyte. Hippolyte and the Amazons female warriors lived in Themiscyra, on the southern coast of the Black Sea. Heracles was joined on this expedition by his friend Theseus and they set off together.

When they reached Themiscyra, Hippolyte came aboard their ship to meet with them. She agreed to give them her belt with no fight and everything seemed to be going swimmingly for Heracles and Theseus. However, Hera was not about to allow this labor to be easy, so she came down from Olympus, disguised as an Amazon. Hera told the Amazons that Heracles was kidnapping their queen, and she roused them to fight the heroes. Next, Heracles was sent to steal the cattle of Geryon, who was the King of Erytheia which is modern day Cadiz in Spain.

Geryon had three heads, three upper- bodies, as well as six arms and six legs. Click on image for full size Image courtesy of Mr.

Mythical Creatures: The Monsters from Greek Mythology

Earl Staley. Related links: Visit the constellation Hydra. Upcoming W2U Events. Join Today - Benefits, No Ads! Special Offers for Teachers. Member Benefits. Teacher Newsletter. Partnership Opportunities. You might also be interested in: Cool It! Cancer According to an ancient Greek legend, the figure of a gigantic crab was placed in the nighttime sky by the goddess Hera to form the constellation Cancer.

Ahsonnutli Ahsonnutli was the sky father and chief god for the Navajo.

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Amphitrite Amphitrite was one of the sea-nymphs called the Nereids. Aphrodite Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Cepheus In the Northern Hemisphere sky is the constellation Cepheus, king of Ethiopia, and that of his wife Cassiopeia. Coyote According to Navajo mythology, the Milky Way was created by the mischievous behavior of the god, Coyote. Please log in Username: Password: Forgot password?

Creative leadership: slaying the four-headed Hydra

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The Second Labor – Hercules Kills the Water-Snake of Lake Lerna

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