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Trumpet, either B flat, C, or E flat, and orchestra. Chamber orchestra is sufficient. Piano reduction of orchestra score is available. Allegro Adagio Allegro Purchase Options. Alpenhorn and Orchestra with Piano. This was first written with piano accompaniment of the horn solo, which is also available see below. Andante and Rondo for Oboe, English Horn, and Orchestra The two movements are orchestrated versions of the second movement of my Sextet for Winds and Piano and Rondo Giocoso respectively, with solo oboe and English horn.

I think they make a nice pair but each can be performed separately as short stand-alone pieces. Oboe, English Horn, Orchestra.

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Two Horns, No Waiting: Minuet for Two Horns and Chamber Orchestra This charming piece for two horn soloists accompanied by chamber orchestra is in the form of a classical minuet. The minuet is brisk and light-hearted; the trio section is slower and more expressive. The two horns both alternate as soloists and play duet passages together. The sound clip is computer-generated. There is also an arrangement for wind octet, sold separately. Two Horn Solos and Chamber Orchestra. My beginning and ending are for bassoon and strings, taken directly from Haydn, and between these I have various arrangements accompanying the passage, which gets played by other instruments as well as the bassoons.

My favorite arrangement could be labeled "Americana" since it includes references to My Darling Clementine and Stars and Stripes Forever. Duration 5 minutes. There is an arrangement of this piece for wind quintet, titled Haydn Bassoon Chaconne, and sold separately. Two Bassoon Solos and Chamber Orchestra. Chorus soprano, alto tenor, bass and String Orchestra, Organ or Piano. Baritone, Clarinet in A, Piano. Vocal - mezzo-soprano or contralto, French Horn, Piano. Blizzard This is a musical setting of another winter poem by Linda Pastan. The falling cold, crisp snow and the blowing winds are depicted in the piano accompaniment.

Vocal - mezzo-soprano or contralto, Piano. The music attempts to express the speaker's denial of the obvious. There are three musical settings. The first version is spare, with only flute accompaniment. The second is in baroque style with flute and cello accompaniment.

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The third is a blues-style version with piano added. Vocal - mezzo-soprano or contralto.

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Adagio Moderato Swing Purchase Options. Sophie's Children's Songs Sophie Friedman, my granddaughter, wrote 4 short poems for school when she was 8 years old.

I set these to music in the form of little children's songs. The audio provided is of Halloween. A diamante is a diamond-shaped poem starting with one word in the first line and ending with one word in the last line. Vocal - mezzo-soprano or contralto and Piano.

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Halloween Purchase Options. The original poem, set to music here was written by Lisa Yanover. It has been sung three times by John Kendall Bailey, once with orchestra, once with wind ensemble, and once with piano. As of January , to my knowledge the ceremony has not occurred. Vocal - Baritone and orchestra. The orchestra score has also been reduced to a piece wind ensemble plus timpani and simply to a piano accompaniment. Mezzo-soprano, English horn or clarinet in A, horn, bassoon. Cello with Piano. One of the performances is available on YouTube:? Cello, Piano.

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Oboe with Piano. Autumn The melodies are romantic. Seven Easy Melodies for Oboe with Piano Accompaniment These were written at the suggestion of Janet Popesco Archibald, my oboe teacher, who expressed a need for more nice pieces for oboe students early in their training. Because of these students' relatively poor endurance, the piano takes over the melodies in places to give the oboist opportunities to rest.

They are suitable for beginning and intermediate level students, both young and adult. Piano cues appear in the oboe part so more of the melodies can be played on the oboe when appropriate. English Horn and Harp or Piano. English horn, Harp. English Horn with Piano. Open Spaces A romantic English horn solo with interesting piano accompaniment. The main melody has the feeling of harmonica music played to old West cowboys sitting around the campfire, which suggested the title, Open Spaces, to me. The sound clip is computer generated.

Both the prelude and the fugue have minor key and major key components and both players have interesting parts. Strolling A romantic piece with both instruments as primary contributors. Duration 4 minutes.

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Mixed Chamber. Clarinet in A, Viola, Piano. English horn, bassoon, violin, cello. Winds Chamber. The Pied Piper of Hamelin The settings, characters and events in this classic legend are depicted in the music. This has been performed at several schools and is recommended for both elementary and middle schools. It was professionally recorded in by Citywinds with Lawrence James narrating. The Listen button will bring you this recording. Woodwind quintet and narrator Flute doubles on Piccolo and Oboe doubles on English horn. Woodwinds - several possible combinations also transcribed for Organ.

Fugue 2 This is my second fugue for four winds. It is lively like the first, but the players and listeners are provided some respite by a chorale-like passage in the middle. Woodwinds - several possible combinations. Quartet 1 Quartet 2 Purchase Options. Meanderings Wind Octet I started playing fairly regularly in a wind octet two each of oboes, clarinets, horns, and bassoons in and like very much both the large sound and variety of sound colors that this combination can provide. This, my first octet, has both serious and light-hearted sections.

A four-hand piano arrangement of this octet is also available. Baroque Break Wind Octet This is my third octet, lively in baroque style. It includes a nice bassoon cadenza.

Romance Wind Octet This is my fourth octet, very romantic. There is also a sextet version for wind quintet and piano. Kathie's Assortment This duet for oboe and bassoon, named after my friend, bassoonist Kathie Hammond, varies greatly in mood from serious to humorous. Both instrument staves are shown to each player but one part has a more convenient page turn for oboe, and the other, for bassoon. The audio clip is computer generated. Woodwinds duet for Oboe and Bassoon. Insistence Wind Octet This is my fifth octet, with emphasis on rhythm. Octocaglia Wind Octet This is my sixth octet.

It is a passacaglia. An English horn substitutes for second oboe.