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We are, ourselves, by nature very like the Jews. We wonder mistrustfully. We unbelievingly wonder when we see or hear of fresh displays of the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. So narrow are our hearts that we cannot receive His Glory in its fullness. Ah, we love Him and we trust Him and we believe Him to be the fairest and the greatest and the best and the mightiest, but if we had a fuller view of what He can do the probabilities are that our amazement would be mingled with no small portion of doubt.

As yet we have but slender ideas of our Lord's Glory and power. We hold the doctrine of His Deity. We are orthodox enough, but we have not thoroughly realized the fact that He is Lord God Almighty. Does not it sometimes seem to you to be impossible that such-and-such a grievously ungodly man could be converted? But why impossible with Him who can raise the dead? Does it not seem impossible that you could ever be supported through your present trouble?

But how impossible with Him who shall make the dry bones live and cause the sepulcher to disgorge? It appears improbable at times that your corruptions should ever be cleansed away and that you should be perfect and without spot. But why so? He who is able to present, before His Throne, tens of thousands of bodies which have long slept in the sepulcher and molded into dust—what can He not accomplish within His people? O doubt no more and let not even the greatest wonders of His love, His Grace, His power or His Glory cause you to marvel unbelievingly, but rather say as each new prodigy of His Divine power rises before you, "I expected this of such a One as He is.

I gathered that He could achieve this, for I understood that He was able to subdue all things to Himself.

Bishop William L. Harris IV -Preaching Holiness

I knew that He fashioned the world and built the heavens and guided the stars and that by Him all things consist. I am not, therefore, astounded though I behold the greatest marvels of His power. To the second sentence I now call your attention. The coming hour.

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I suppose He calls it an hour to intimate how very near it is in His esteem, since we do not begin to look at the exact hour of an event when it is extremely remote. An event which will not occur for hundreds of years is at first looked for and noted by the year. And only when we are reasonably near it do men talk of the day of the month—and we are coming very near it when we look for the precise hour.

Christ intimates to us, that whether we think so or not, in God's thought the day of Resurrection is very near. And though it may be a thousand years off even now, yet still, to God, it is but one day and He would have us endeavor to think God's thought about it, not reckon any time to be long, since if it is time at all it must be short and will be so regarded by us when it is past and the day has arrived.

This is practical wisdom—to bring close up to us that which is inevitable and to act towards it as though it were but tomorrow morning when the trumpet should sound and we should be judged. He here teaches us the certainty of that judgment.

Faulty Fire, Faulty worship Jimmy Swaggart preaching on Holiness

There are some events which may or may not be. Emperors may live or die, their sons may ascend their throne, or their throne may be broken into dust and scattered to the winds of Heaven. Dynasties may stand or they may wither like autumn leaves.

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The greatest events which we supposed to be inevitable may never occur. Another wheel, which has not yet been seen by us in the great machinery of Providence, may make events revolve in quite another fashion from what our puny wisdom would foretell. But the hour of Resurrection is certain, whatever else may be contingent or doubtful. The hour comes. It assuredly comes. In the Divine decree this is the day for which all other days were made. And if it were possible that any determination of the Almighty could be changed, yet this never shall be—for "He has appointed a day, in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that Man whom He has ordained.

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Therefore He has given assurance unto all men, in that He has raised Him from the dead. Every second brings it nearer. While you have been sitting still in this House, you have been borne onwards towards that great event! As the pendulum of yonder clock continues unceasingly to beat like the heart of time. As morning dawn gives place to evening shade and the seasons follow in constant cycle, we are drifted along the river of time nearer to the ocean of eternity!

Borne as on the wings of some mighty angel who never pauses in his matchless flight, we are carried onward in our journey towards the judgment bar of God! My Brethren, by that same flight are you also hurried on. Look to the Resurrection, then, as a thing that always comes, silently drawing nearer and nearer hour by hour. Such contemplations will be of the utmost service to you. Our Lord's Words read as if the one hour of which He spoke completely drove into the shade all other events—as if the hour, the one hour, the last hour, THE hour par excellence, the master hour, the royal hour—was of all hours the only hour that was coming that was worth mentioning as being inevitable and important!

Like Aaron's rod, the judgment hour swallows up every other hour! We hear of hours that have been big with the fate of nations. Hours in which the welfare of millions trembled in the balances. Hours in which for peace or war the die must be cast. Hours that have been called crises of history—and we are apt to think that frequently periods such as this occur in the world's history. But here is the culminating crisis of all! Here is the iron hour of severity, the golden hour of truth, the clear sapphire hour of manifestations!

~ Ministering God's Agape Love and Practical Wisdom to the Nations from The Holy Bible

In that august hour there shall be proclamation made of the impartial decisions of the Lord Christ with regard to all the souls and bodies of men. Oh, what an hour is this which comes on apace!

My dear Brothers and Sisters, now and then I covet the tongue of the eloquent and now I do so that I might on such a theme as this fire your imaginations and inflame your hearts! But let me pray you assist me now for a moment and since this hour comes, try to think it very very near. Suppose it should come, now, while we are here assembled.

Suppose that even now the dead should rise—that in an instant this assembly should be melted into the infinitely greater one and that no eye should be fixed upon the forgotten preacher—but all fixed upon the great descending Judge, sitting in majesty upon His Great White Throne! I pray you think yourselves as though the curtain were lifted at this moment. Anticipate the sentence which will come forth to you from the Throne of Righteousness!

Consider as though at this precise moment it were pronounced upon you!

Political Sermons of the American Founding Era. Vol. 1 () - Online Library of Liberty

Oh now, I pray you examine yourselves as though the testing days were here, for such an examination will be to your souls' benefit if you are saved. And it may be to your souls' warning if you are unconverted. But we must pass on. All who have lived and died shall certainly rise again. Compute, then, the numberless number! Count, now, the countless! How many lived before the deluge? It has been believed, and I think accurately, that the inhabitants of this world were more numerous at the time of the deluge than they probably are now.

Owing to the enormous length of human life, men's numbers were not so terribly thinned by death as they are now. Think, if you will, from the times of the deluge onward, of all Adam's progeny. From Tarshish to Sahara men covered the lands. The Parthians, Scythians and Tartar hordes, who shall reckon up?