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A rhyme about a fat , lazy cat which doesn't want to play. Stop motion animation created by our Saturday Morning animation students. Children's book read aloud about a greedy cat that eats way too much! Don't worry though it has a happy ending. Translated and illustrated from a Danish If your fat cat or skinny cat Doesn't Like bees OR Trees Then Make your cat stay inside on a Mat lol now that's just Soooooo bowing funny!

Isn't it? My 10 second animation for uni! Its for the brief of Overcoming An Obstacle. Where can we eat different kind of food. MRM tells a story from Tanzania. Get ready to do some screaming! Opening and ending song by zapsplat. Margaret also tells this story It is found in A Danish folktale.

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Story time for my boys while I am away from home. Solomon read a Fat Cat story.

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Check out this interview with storyteller Margaret Read McDonald. Find out how one little cat can get soooooo fat!

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This folktale came from Denmark. Folktales are stories that By Dr. The teachers would get so disgusted with us.

The boys, of course, were the ornery ones. Although paddles are no longer used in the classroom, I remember when teachers used them to keep order. I also remember all too clearly the day I got paddled. I was always a very obedient student and tried very hard to do what was asked of me. But one day in sixth grade at Midway Elementary, in the small town of Fellows, California, our teacher Mr. Bozarth had had it with the entire class and told everyone to sit down and be quiet and not to say another word. Then he added, the next person to get up would get paddled.

The class gasped and I froze, suddenly realizing with horror what I had just done.

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I turned and looked at Mr. Bozarth who was looking directly at me and had an expression mixed with shock and that I-can't-believe-YOU-just-did-that look. I was a good student and he knew it, but he had said he would paddle the next person who got up and so he was stuck. He motioned for the door, grabbed his paddle and I dutifully followed him out. He headed down the outside hallway and then took off across the school playground. My heart was pounding, I was fighting back tears and I wondered where in the world he was taking me? A few classes were out on the playground and they stopped and watched as I followed Mr.

Bozarth to the gym. I remember her looking at me with a look of surprise and pity. I had never needed to be punished in school before, let alone paddled. Bozarth had a handmade wooden shellacked paddle with a round hole towards the end of the paddle so that it really stung when he smacked your behind. I had heard about that paddle from the boys and I couldn't believe I was about to experience it. He directed me to bend over, which I obediently did.

He raised the paddle back over his head and I held my breath as he swung the paddle down, but the paddle barely touched my back side, in fact for a minute, I wasn't sure it even had. I paused and wondered if that was all? Surely not! I remember I looked up at him to see if that was really all he was going to do and he told me to be sure and pay attention the next time he told us not to get out of our seats.

I felt a huge sense of relief. He headed to the door and opened it to find the kids who had been out on the playground gathered outside the door trying to listen. I was so embarrassed to walk out of that room, once again following Mr. Bozarth and his paddle, but this time, we headed back to the waiting class.

I don't think I will ever forget that day. Just as Grandma Ganus had observed when she was in school, it was generally the boys who got the paddling in my school and after that, I made sure it stayed that way, even if I had to write with a very dull pencil. Labels: Hostetter Glen , Mickelsen Hazel.

conejito!, ¡Hora de dormir

Tuesday, June 21, Spooky Mountain Stories. When I married into my husband's family, I was taken back by their love of peanut butter. They incorporated peanut butter into their meals and snacks in ways I had never even considered. They loved the stuff!!

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Sunday, May 8, Mothers and Grandmothers. Hazel Mickelsen Ganus Mother's Day is the perfect day to recognize some of the mothers in my ancestry. Each made a difference to those who knew them during their lifetime, as well as those who followed. Each left a legacy of love, strength and perseverance. We loved her fried chicken and lemon pie and knew we could always count on having it at least once when we went to visit.

Grandma taught school before marriage and continued until their children were born.

When my Grandpa Ganus began to have health problems, she returned to teaching school. I remember being confused by her stubborn determination to not get an electric washing machine and how fearful I was when I helped her do laundry using an old wringer washing machine. I just knew my hand was going to get caught in that wringer! One of my favorite memories of her is a time when she came to visit and she and I sat on the bed and talked long after others had gone to bed.

She was a widow for 31 years. McDaniel and Mary Maralda Shawcroft. She married Nephi Glen Hostetter in and they had nine children. She raised a large family and always had a large garden. She loved to write and left many stories of her life which have served to inspire and lift her many descendants. Grandma was a wonderful cook and had a gift for making those around her feel loved.

She was a master story teller and loved to tell the stories of her ancestors, but she also loved to tell fairy tales and could really make the stories live. She became a widow when she was 57 and never remarried. She died at the age of Sarah E. She lost her mother when she was 14 years old. A few years later her family left their home in Georgia and migrated to the vastly different climate of Manassa, Colorado.

There she met and married widower William Franklin Ganus. No stranger to heartache, she buried two of their children in their first few years of marriage, including their only daughter. In she and husband Frank packed up their children and belongings and moved to Oklahoma.

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She was widowed at the age of 42 and was left with three small children to raise. She died just a few short years later at the age of Her family moved to southern Colorado where she met the love of her life, Will McDaniel whose family had moved there from Tennessee. The community celebrated the marriage of the popular and well loved young couple. When she was 29 years old, their five year old son Elbert became ill and died.

Five months later, while still grieving the loss of her son, she lost her husband Will in a work accident. She never remarried but moved in with her parents and cared for her two small children. She took in laundry, cleaned the church or did whatever work she could find in order to earn a little money. Refusing to give into discouragement about her situation, it is said that no matter how difficult, she never had a negative thing to say about life or others.