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Reefer Racism. The Jazz Era. Outlawing Marihuana.

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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Of all the plants men have ever grown, none has been praised and denounced as often as marihuana Cannabis sativa. Marihuana is undoubtedly a herb that has been many things to many people. Armies and navies have used it to make war, men and women to make love.

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Hunters and fishermen have snared the most ferocious creatures, from the tiger to the shark, in its herculean weave. Fashion designers have dressed the most elegant women in its supple knit. Hangmen have snapped the necks of thieves and murderers with its fiber. Obstetricians have eased the pain of childbirth with its leaves. Farmers have crushed its seeds and used the oil within to light their lamps.

Mourners have thrown its seeds into blazing fires and have had their sorrow transformed into blissful ecstasy by the fumes that filled the air. Marihuana has been known by many names: hemp, hashish, dagga, bhang, loco weed, grass-the list is endless. Formally christened Cannabis sativa in by Carl Linnaeus, marihuana is one of nature's hardiest specimens.

It needs little care to thrive. One need not talk to it, sing to it, or play soothing tranquil Brahms lullabies to coax it to grow. It is as vigorous as a weed.

Counselors 6. Teachers, Wanton 7. Classroom Seating 8.

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Clubs 9. Gym Truancy Holdups Johns Summer School Sex Education Homework The Curriculum-An Overview Weapons in School Substitute Teachers Prayer in School Principals Class Conduct Hall Passes Dating Parent Conferences Fire Drills Lying Parking Extortion Class Schedules Candy Sales-Be an Entrepreneur Cafeteria Apple Polishers Drugs Hall Lockers Senior Trips The Prom After Graduation-What? As we all know, there are thousands of books out there telling you how to fix your own plumbing, get ahead in business, buy a used car, get laid, grow better house plants, and so on.

These books are very useful, especially if you happen to have bad plumbing, need a promotion, are looking for a good used car, suffer from unrequited love, or have a lot of dead house plants on your hands. Useful as they are, though, most of them are written for older people who have jobs, plumbing and houses. What value are these books to the average high school student in America?


It's clear that what's needed is a book aimed at those of you who are still teenagers struggling with what everybody acknowledges is the most trying and difficult time in a person's life, i. You guys need a book that deals with the reality of being a teenager in high school today, a book that pulls no punches and doesn't beat around the well-known bush with a lot of bullshit designed to hoodwink you into believing the kind of pap usually provided by people who have a vested interest in deceiving you.

In other words, you need this book. It happens that there is no more qualified person in the country to write such a book than this author. I retired from Cody High School after spending more than thirty years teaching in this and other high schools in the city of Detroit where education is at its most challenging. While I've seen school at its worst and dealt with every form of madness imaginable, I must admit that I've had little experience with so-called good schools where real students attend classes regularly and do their homework religiously and have unblemished complexions.

Accordingly, this book is necessarily written from a point of view provided by working with armed and dangerous students, seriously befuddled teachers, half-witted and usually incompetent administrators, unstable parents, and a central board of education inhabited entirely by lunatics and fatuous dopes.

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  7. The opinions are my own, the advice practical, the incidents real. If you're in high school now or are planning to go to high school anytime soon, or if you have kids in high school and want the inside dope on what's going on there, this book is for you. It may well mean the difference between surviving the whole experience in one piece and being crushed under the churning feet of the varsity football squad because you didn't know enough to get the hell out of the way.

    It helps to know the enemy. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Find out what makes them tick, how they think, where they're coming from, and you'll have that crucial edge needed to survive in the harsh world of high school.

    Educating, Not Babysitting!: A Foundation for Reclaiming Your Public School

    Okay, where do teachers come from? They come from the middle class, that's where, and they're dripping with middle-class values.

    My 2019-2020 High School Survival Guide - How to Survive High School - aliyah simone

    Teachers are against almost everything you think is fun, mostly because it's a lot of stuff they're no longer interested in themselves or because it's stuff they can no longer do. For example, they're against beer drinking, cutting classes, dope smoking, getting laid, loitering, original hairstyles, slang, and all those things that take the dreariness out of life and make the whole business more tolerable.

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