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The two-issue IDW mini-series Infestation 2 , which started in January , is in essence a two-part bookend story, with the first issue showing the origins of the event that continues within Infestation 2: G. Joe and the second finishing up the story after the G. Starting in February , three new G. Joe ongoing series were launched to replace the old ones. Joe started in February It is the third regular G. Joe ongoing series. Joe: The Cobra Files started in April It was the fourth Cobra series and the third ongoing.

Nine issues were released. A new series of G. Joe began in September The IDW iteration of G. The series was published bi-weekly starting in September In addition to the 5-issue main series and the prelude issue, there were eight one-shot issues related to the Revolution event, one of which focused on the G. Joe team specifically.

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A new ongoing series of G. Joe started publishing in December Continuing from the Revolution crossover mini-series, Revolutionaries is an ongoing series that started in December The comic sees the appearance of major characters from various IDW comics, with the core team including the G.

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Joe member Mayday. Joe teams join forces against the criminal organization known as V. The 6-issue First Strike crossover event, which is a sequel to Revolution , started publishing in August Once again, the crossover includes Transformers , Action Man , M. First Strike was preceded by a zero issue in June. Joe and M. Joe comic book series for The story follows G. Joe , an insurgent movement lead by Duke and Scarlett , fighting against the totalitarian regime of Cobra.

However, the Joes' current status as fugitives because of Cobra's propaganda makes them difficult to succeed. Old-school G. Joe fans will absolutely love it and find it true to everything G. Joe stands for, and new folks will be attracted to a deeply character-driven tale of hope and humanity, and about the power of resilience in an increasingly unraveling world.

In addition to the stories set in its central continuity, IDW has also released comics set in other continuities. IDW Publishing published several G. Joe comic series based upon the film, G.

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Joe: The Rise of Cobra. IDW began printing trade paperback collections off the original Marvel Comics series starting in January Joe: Special Missions series, and the G. Joe: Yearbook s. It is written by Larry Hama , who wrote the original Marvel series, and ignores the events of the earlier Devil's Due continuation. The series has been collected in a number of trade paperbacks :. A separate set of paperbacks collects these issues in larger volumes following the Classic G.

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Joe Marvel reprints listed in the previous section:. The G. Joe: Future Noir series consisted of two issues set in their own continuity and written by Andy Schmidt.

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Joe titled Street Fighter X G. It was written by Aubrey Sitterson with art by Emilio Laiso, and ran for six issues. The following is a table list of the trade paperback editions of the new IDW-continuity issues. This is a chronological order of the IDW-continuity comics per which the timeline of events developed, as given in the trade paperback collections.

Joe: Origins Joe 0 Joe: Origins 16 Joe Joe: Cobra Joe: Helix Joe: Cobra Special 1 Joe: Cobra II Joe: Cobra Special 2 Joe: Infestation Joe: Cobra Civil War 0 Joe Vol. Joe: Cobra Vol. Joe: Snake Eyes Joe: Snake Eyes 4 Joe: Snake Eyes 5 Infes2ation Joe - Cobra Command contains G. Joe - Target Snake Eyes contains G. Joe: Special Missions Joe: The Cobra Files Joe: Special Missions 14 Joe: The Fall of G. Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra Revolution Prelude; M.

Revolutionaries Joe; M.

Scarlett's Strike Force From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see G.


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Joe disambiguation. It has been suggested that this article be split into a new article titled G. Discuss August Main article: G. Joe comic book. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. August Joe New". Retrieved Joe Enters the "Cobra Civil War " ". Comic Book Resources. Joe Comic Book License". Archived from the original on Joe License". Joe Comic Forum. Joe Plans". Joe for IDW". Joe News". Joe Series". Joe Solicitations for September, Generals Joes - A blog about the importance or unimportance of little plastic men".

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