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In T he audience commodity in a digital age. Vince Manzerolle and Lee McGuigan, New York: Peter Lang. Karl Marx and the study of media and culture today. Culture Unbound 6 3 : Karl Marx y el estudio de los medios y la cultura hoy.

What Effect is Social Media Having on Society?

Revista de Estudios Interdisciplinarios en Ciencias Sociales 16 3 : Digital prosumption labour on social media in the context of the capitalist regime of time. WikiLeaks and the Critique of the Political Economy. International Journal of Communication 8: The Anonymous movement in the context of liberalism and socialism. Interface: A Journal for and about Social Movements 5 2 : Verdegem, Pieter and Christian Fuchs.

Towards a participatory, co-operative and sustainable information society? A critical analysis of Swedish ICT policy discourses. Nordicom Review 34 2 : Introduction: Critique, social media and the information society in the age of capitalist crisis. In Critique, social media and the information society, ed. Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval, Critique of the political economy of informational capitalism and social media.

Fuchs, Christian and Sebastian Sevignani. What Is digital labour? What Is digital work?

Conclusion The rise of digital media has given the people to communicate around

And why do these questions matter for understanding social media? Social networking sites in the surveillance society: Critical perspectives and empirical findings. In Media, surveillance and identity. Social perspectives , ed. Fuchs, Christian and Nick Dyer-Witheford. Karl Marx Internet Studies. Capitalism or Information Society?

European Journal of Social Theory 16 4 : Social media and capitalism. In P roducing the Internet. Critical perspectives of social media, ed. Tobias Olsson, Information, Communication and Societ y 16 8 : Nordicom Information 34 : Class and exploitation on the Internet.

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In Digital labor. The Internet as playground and factory , ed. Trebor Scholz, Dallas Smythe today — the audience commodity, the digital labour debate, Marxist Political Economy and Critical Theory. Prolegomena to a digital labour theory of value. The Internet as surveilled workplayplace and factory. In European data protection. Dordrecht: Springer.

Fuchs, Christian and Vincent Mosco, eds. Marx is back — The importance of Marxist theory and research for Critical Communication Studies today. Download entire issue. Fuchs, Christian and Vicent Mosco. Behind the news. Social media, riots, and revolutions. La politica economica dei social media [The political economy of social media, in Italian]. Sociologia della Communicazione Towards Marxian Internet Studies. Hacia un estudio Marxiano del Internet.

Translated by Rafael Grohmann. New Marxian Times! ISSN Research Paper Number Web 2. In Net works: case studies in web art and design , ed. The political economy of privacy on Facebook. Media, war and information technology. Global perspectives , ed.

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Des Freedman and Daya Kishan Thussu, London: Sage. Sylvain Firer-Blaess and Christian Fuchs. An info-communist manifesto. The political economy of WikiLeaks: Power 2. Surveillance 2. Criticism 2. Alternative media 2. Fuchs, Christian and Dwayne Winseck. A conversation.

click The contemporary world wide web: social medium or new space of accumulation? In The political economies of media. The transformation of the global media industries , eds. Dwayne Winseck and Dal Yong Jin, London: Bloomsbury.

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  • Conclusion The rise of digital media has given the people to communicate around.
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  • Cognitive capitalism or informational capitalism? The role of class in the information economy. In Cognitive capitalism, education and digital labor , ed. Michael Peters and Ergin Bulut, How to define surveillance? Towards an alternative concept of privacy. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 9 4 : A contribution to the critique of the political economy of Google. Fast Capitalism 8 1. An alternative view of privacy on Facebook. Information 2 1 : Arnold and Herman T.

    New media, web 2. Sociology Compass 5 2 : Teachning and learning guide for: New media, web 2.

    Media and Society

    Sociology Compass 5 6 : Labor in informational capitalism and on the Internet. The Information Society 26 3 : The following article is my response to their paper: Fuchs, Christian.