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A major tenet of this approach is that history shapes an individual's life experience. In terms of divorce, this is certainly true, as documented by the variations in divorce statistics by historic period and birth cohort. The life-course perspective also contends that the timing of life transitions influences how they are experienced. Thus, divorcing in early adulthood is likely to constitute a very different experience than divorcing later in life.

Young and old adults face different developmental challenges, and they differ in the types and amount of resources they possess for dealing with life changes like divorce. Then: a flash-forward narrated by Kaminka's daughter Ya'el--revealing that Kaminka died suddenly during the week in question leaving his American baby fatherless. And finally Passover begins, the divorce papers are signed at last--but narrations by Naomi and Kaminka themselves sketch in the ironic, black--comic conclusion to this sad, bitter affair. Yehoshua complicates, and distracts from, an already-complicated, dense mosaic--with artsy prose-approaches in about half the chapters.

And a few of the psychological side-trips seem unnecessary.

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So, though flawed, this is far more compelling than The Lover--if less intensely informative about social and political aspects of Israeli life. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again. Be the first to discover new talent!

A Late Divorce

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How One Woman Overcame A Divorce Late In Life

Since the essence of psychotherapeutic dialogue is its waywardness the unconscious thoughts of the patient revealing themselves unpredictably through free association , any attempt to represent it as though verbatim will by definition defeat itself. To a lesser extent, this is the drawback to the book as a whole. And by letting his characters speak for themselves he has made the symbolic point that no one in such matters has the right or is in a position to judge. In this, he has adopted an attitude to his characters similar to that of an analyst to his patients: cultivated negative capability.

But negative capability, as John Bayley has frequently pointed out, cannot, by definition, be cultivated. Absence consciously striven for becomes conspicuous.

Issues to Consider if You are Contemplating a Late Life Divorce

A Late Divorce has no controlling narrator, but Yehoshua is present on every page of it: as the man performing the vanishing trick. His presence, like the presence of the analyst in the therapeutic relationship, cannot be outflanked by his characters I almost said patients , whose freedom consequently comes to seem like the frantic freedom of someone trying to get out of a cage. Moreover, their spontaneity appears contrived to a specific end. The random ceases to be random.

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There is no smell of cauliflower on the stairs. As the day advances, and the last rites of family farewells drag elaborately to their conclusion, his mind keeps wandering to what lies ahead, what lies behind. Out there the land of frozen lakes was lit by a fiery dawn now, the red-bulbed trucks were thundering down the turnpikes like flying Christmas trees. Like Yehoshua, Phillips shares out much of the responsibility for telling the story between her main characters.

How to Protect Your Credit During and After a Divorce

However, the narratives of Jean and Mitch Hampson and their daughter Danner are not blow-by-blow accounts of the action as it happens, but reminiscences uttered from some point outside the time-span of the novel. They are supplemented by stretches of conventional narrative, as well as sequences of letters and transcripts of dreams. Reminiscence creates imaginative depth, and Phillips makes full use of the memories of her older characters, Mitch and Jean, to deepen the perspectives of Machine Dreams from its outset.

Not much, that is, beyond the routine dramas and catastrophes that fill an average life: birth, marriage, divorce, war, disease and death. Mitch serves a couple of years in the Far East fighting the Japanese. As labour foreman with units in New Guinea and the Philippines, he gets off lightly.

By the standards of that campaign he experiences unexceptional horrors: shovelling a pile of rotten bodies into a mass grave with a bulldozer, shooting a man dead. Back in Bellington, West Virginia, after knocking about for a bit, living with aunt Bess and uncle Clayton, dating girls, Mitch marries Jean Danner and they start a family. His career and his marriage deteriorate in tandem. Jean marries Mitch three weeks after first meeting him. She is 20, he The marriage never really works. As Mitch grows sullen, withdrawn and violent, Jean turns away from him to her children.

When they are old enough, she divorces him. Not you.