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And it's one of many episodes that remind us to never let anyone make a digital copy of your soul. Do you have to be a US Citizen to apply? Only U. Support Us. Become a Member. About Us. Mission and Strategy. Community Advisory Board.

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Educational Opportunities. Palliative Care Training Center. Contact Us. University of Washington Medical Center. Mentoring and Advising. Research Conferences.

Palliative Care Team - Teaching and Collaboration. Training Environment - Palliative Care with Patients. Physicians completing training in fields such as Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Surgery or other relevant specialties provided they are focused on palliative care research in heart, lung or blood disease.

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A page research proposal, including a statement about the relevance of the project to palliative care a. Click on Images below to link to Program Pages. This T32 is funded for four positions per year. Fellowship appointments are made in 12 month increments. Eligible applicants may have their appointments renewed for up to three years, but we anticipate most appointments will be two years 24 months in duration.

The stipend level for a postdoctoral trainee is determined by the number of full years of relevant experience between the doctoral degree date and date of appointment.

Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight

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